Culinary Courage

After weeks of procrastination and many wilted bunches of greens, I finally made the Authentic Chicken Enchiladas that Maya taught me how to make.

It was just so against my general cooking inclination to blend up a green sauce out of green onions, cilantro, tomatillos, jalapenos, fresh baby garlic, and RADISH GREENS that felt as spiky as a beavertail cactus. The filling was roasted chicken, queso fresco, shredded jack, and tofu (and I threw in some leftover rice).

It turned out beautifully and there was plenty to share and I still put two small casseroles in the freezer. (Ann, Al, one is for you guys…)

Thanks to Flavorgirl for hanging with me on the phone while I got started washing all those greens!

Now I look forward to making it again for when my sister and her family visit after the baby is born. They don’t get much Mexican food in Bangkok.

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