The Birth Kit

When I saw the list for the things we needed in the birth kit I thought it would be cheaper and easier to gather them up myself, but Chad convinced me it would be “as cheap” to pay for the kit and not spend our weekend worrying about it. Most everything in the kit is to clean up the inevitable mess and to keep the important parts sterile. The kit list was devised by my midwife Karen Baker, and is sold by a local home business called Mama Rhythms.

I wish I had more gumption to post, but I just don’t. I can’t even conceive of how I hiked 10 miles only ten days ago as it feels like a stretch to walk the pup around the neighborhood block right now.

25 4×4 Gauze Sponges

4 Pairs Sterile Gloves

2 Poly-backed Mattress Protector Sheets

25 Underpads

1 Blunt Scissors

1 Bulb Syringe

2 Cord Clamps

2 Baby Caps

2 Straws (Individually wrapped)

1 Bottle Hydrogen Peroxide

1 Bottle Rubbing Alcohol

2 30-gal Trash Bags

2 Kitchen Trash Bags

1 Gallon Freezer Bag

2 Paper Grocery Bags

1 Paper Towel Roll

1 Large Plastic Bowl

2 Sanitary Briefs

1 Peri Bottle

2 Peri Cold Packs

24 Sanitary Pads

2 Over-sized Sanitary Pads

1 1-dram size After-ease Tincture

6 Relief Towelettes

1 Herbal Cord Care (1/4 oz)

1 Golden Healing Salve (1/4 oz)

1 Disposable Tape Measure

1 Kleenprinter Footprint Pad

1 Special ‘”Born at Home” Certificate with Footprint Space

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