Sleep Saturation

At the advice of my good friend Darlene (mother of five), I’ve elected to not do things like see a friend’s gig in Huntington Beach (that didn’t start until 11 pm), and I’ve started concentrating on getting as much sleep as possible. This has not been so hard considering the climbing heat which has been making us all lethargic anyway.

As of this coming Tuesday I am officially considered “term” and the baby can come at any time.

We have had a flurry of activity around the house though, cleaning and what not. Getting ready for friends and family flying in over the next couple weeks – for my birthday and the birth.

Karen Baker, my midwife, and her assistant, also a Karen, came this past Friday for their home visit. They spent almost three hours familiarizing themselves with our house and layout, going over the birth kit, over all the main parts of labor, and all sorts of possible contingencies. Our homework this week is to determine which hospital we would want to go to, in case of medical transport, and also where the paramedics would take us if we dialed 911.

While most women would wait for the 3-1-1 cue (contractions three minutes apart, lasting for one minute, for one hour) before going to the hospital, I have been directed to call Karen in the event of any regularity in my contractions.

Something cool that Karen had Chad and I do, was to spend three minutes sketching out on paper, our vision of how we imagine the birth will be. I’d read about this technique in Pam England’s book, Birthing from Within, so I was surprised, but familiar with technique. Chad, on the other hand, was completely taken back to be put on the spot and immediately came over to sit and draw by me – as if he thought he’d be able to look over my shoulder! fat chance! Interestingly, we both drew ourselves in the bathroom. In Chad’s picture, he’s behind me, supporting me, and I’m leaning against the wall. Here’s mine; we’re in the shower.

And since people keep asking, the only things we need now are receiving blankets, another dozen laundry service quality cloth diapers, one box of disposable newborn diapers (since meconium can be so staining) and flushable diaper liners. Yesterday I went to the drugstore and spent my first $8.06 on baby supplies: a box of cottonballs and a shower curtain (to protect the bed, under the sheets). Besides that I haven’t spent a penny on baby things – except for the Bradley class and co-payments for insurance.

Thank you for your generosity everyone!

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