Last night I felt a tell-tale dribble in my panties. Which could indicate either that my amniotic fluid is leaking, which it could if there was just a small tear, and could seal up and stop. Or it could mean the beginning of the end of pregnancy.

I called my midwife and she recommended getting as much rest as possible. That the amount of fluid I was leaking most likely my bag of waters breaking and meant that labor would probably begin within 12-24 hours.

WHAT?!? This is all too soon! I have too much stuff yet to do!

I hadn’t had any contractions yet, so Chad and I hit the sack. And were able to get a decent night’s rest. Well, I hope he did, because at about 3 am, I started getting more squeezing contractions. Not terribly painful, but enough to have to concentrate on breathing and relaxing through them.

When we got up this morning we changed our bedsheets in preparation for childbirth: one regular sheet, then a shower curtain, then another fitted flannel sheet on top of it all. Through all the bustle of getting up this morning, making phone calls to work, writing emails to our prospective landlords, straightening up the house, the contractions have backed off. Which is exactly what happened with my labor with Bella: the contractions would subside during the day and return with force in the evening and night (for several days in succession).

My contractions have been mild and irregular enough that had my bag of waters not broken, this could be  false start. In any case, I sent Chad to work (he’s just going to teach his morning computer class and come right back), and Bella went to school. I haven’t even lit my labor candle yet, but I will when Chad gets home.

I hadn’t counted on my water breaking first – it’s cramping my style. I wanted to be walking around the neighborhood, but it’s not as easy when you’re periodically gushing amniotic fluid…Baby is kicking. I feel good. Restless is all – which is typical of early first stage. I wish the house were cleaner.

Labor has begun.

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