One Week Stats

Today by lunchtime: Six wet diapers, peed on me twice, lots of nursies, lots of naps.

I got up to make dinner last night. Then this morning I started dealing with getting a birth certificate in Orange County (big pain in the butt), which segued into desk work: renewing earthquake insurance (more butt pain) and then going through old mail that my tenant in Joshua Tree recently gave to me. I discovered that the phone service I canceled A YEAR AGO had sent me several collection notices for phone services that were being billed until this March 2008. I called, and sure enough they had a record of my cancellation call last June 2007. After ranting and raving, and finally getting it taken care of –

I decided to get back into bed. I don’t think I’m ready to cope with the outside world yet, too much butt pain.

I need to remember my own advice – to take things easy and not expect the same pre-baby lifestyle (or level of cleanliness). How many times have I told a new mom that her old life will burn down in that first month of sleeplessness, so that a new baby-full life can emerge? I am ruefully discovering that it happens with a second baby too. I feel much compassion for other new moms right now.

It’s just that we signed our new lease last weekend (right, the day after the baby was born-how crazy are we?) and it looks like we’re moving in a month! So much needs to be done…

We posted a sofa at freecycle last night here.

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