Reasons I Love/Hate Mom

  • She tells me all the things I’m doing wrong with Christian: holding him too much, letting his nails get too long, letting him get too cold…
  • When she holds Christian she leans forward and whispers, “I’m always available for you, Christian.”
  • She says I need help cleaning the house.
  • She cleans the kitchen grout with a scrubby brush and clorox.
  • She says I should let Christian cry once in a while.
  • When she holds Christian, she takes deep breathfuls of his new baby smell. And when she lies down for a nap, she wants to sleep with him for his warmth.
  • She covets my stuff: my toenail polish, my slippers, my garlic press, my meat tenderizer. (I gave her the slippers.)
  • She brings me refills on my favorite face cream (which I can no longer afford) and bath salts she bought at the Dead Sea. And she brought Bella “gim,” roasted seaweed, from Korea.
  • She pokes me in the belly and asks if I’m expecting another baby.
  • She cooks up hearty Korean meals – all my favorites, including the post-birth soup, myuk guk, which is very high in iron. And she takes me out to eat and orders take in too.
  • She tells me I’m spoiling Bella.
  • She takes Bella out on a congratulations-you’re-an-older-sister shopping spree.
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