Three Weeks Old Yesterday

I really had forgotten how much time it takes to take care of a new one. Which means I lie in bed nursing Christian mentally formulating posts – only to get to the computer with not enough time to actually write anything of substance.

But the good news is that I am feeling much better – so I guess all the lounging about and napping has paid off. Today I took the dog and the baby for a walk around the neighborhood. Another first.

We’ve even transitioned into cloth diapers; just using disposables for night-time and longer day trips. With the cloth diapers and covers Sue sent over from Thailand, I’m good to go with a load of dirty nappies every other day. Now, I just need to rig a drying system so I don’t have to use the dryer all the time. Our electricity bill is already spiking.

Christian is doing his job alright – just sits there and is cute all the day long. He coos, half-grins, and looks at his dad when he hears his voice. He especially likes it when his dad sings to him (Coldplay, The Sundays… a little Radiohead)

Christian weighed in at 8 pounds at his check-up almost a week ago. I didn’t know this before, but apparently while babies born in hospitals typically lose weight the first week or so, babies born at home rarely do. Now why is that not a statistic I’ve heard of before?

His belly button is formed and the umbilical stump is in my jewelry box.

He’s gaining some neck strength and looking around more.

And he’s learning to sleep properly – that is, when he first arrived, he spent more time in that spacey in-between stage that he must have been in utero – now that he’s more alert for spells during the day, he sleeps more deeply.

I spend a lot of time gazing at him and re-imagining him inside me; thinking about his state of consciousness and what he was hearing and feeling.

All in all, he’s doing a fine job adjusting from a water world to an air world.

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