Today I get to walk through our new place and get the keys.

TODAY! Even though we’ve been packing all month – we’re still not quite finished and I can see that starting today things are going to kick up a few gears, as we have a quite a moving team assembled: my brother arrives this evening from san fran and two of Chad’s childhood friends arrive tomorrow morning. Plus my brother-in-law and his girlfriend – and me (the baby-carrier) and Bella.

Our 27″ TV is sitting by the front door waiting for pick-up (through freecycle) and half the garage is brimming with packed boxes. Just about all the bedroom furniture has been moved down.

!!! I am excited about this transition. Hopefully we’ll get the contents of the fridge moved over today, as the new owners will be here tomorrow morning to pick it up (craigslist).

Besides, I have to get some food going for all these mouths.

In the meantime, I leave you with a youtube video of a Japanese prank. I laughed, but I imagine that the prank took the oomph out of their spa experience. Brrrr….


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