Oriental-Style Noodles, Anchovy Flavor

During the move I discovered a stash of instant noodle soups called “Oriental-style Noodles, Anchovy Flavor.” Normally these kinds of things languish at the the back of my pantry, not because I don’t like them (anchovy sounds delicious to me!), but because I can rarely justify eating any packaged food that only requires boiling water. However, not only are we crammed for space in our new abode, but I find that a new three-month old keeps me very very busy. And so I am now regularly enjoying my anchovy-flavored soups for lunch… they’re actually pretty tasty and made with yummy rice noodles.

Very busy is putting it mildly –

And it’s not just the baby and and moving houses, but I realized the other day that we have had house guests continuously (and without even a day’s break) for the last entire month. Which is my long-winded explanation for why I have posted so infrequently lately.

Which is not say that I don’t love my house guests; all of them were a tremendous help before, during, and after the move and I really enjoyed the company. It just means that I can finally go through the month’s worth of mail stacked on my desk.

The baby is asleep in my sling right now. I am sitting very upright and typing to the sound of his gentle snoring. He is clutching his own hands. Little guy is all tuckered out from impressing me earlier. Christian is so mellow that I think he’s capable of doing things physically that he’s not aware of yet. For instance, I remember Bella at two months, struggling with all her might to raise up her head, when she was on her belly. She struggled and strained until she could do it. Christian at three months, on the other hand, seems to hold his head up well when he’s in my arms, but has never previously tried the arm supported head raise that looks just like the yoga position “cobra.”

Then suddenly this morning he woke up from a nap, supported himself with his arms, raised up his head, and looked around the room. He smiled when he found me. Imagine, completely immobile worm to self-rotating periscope in the space of an hour. He has also started smiling and chuckling heartily. Very adorable.

I am starting to discern Christian’s pattern of sleeping. Because I’m not working (very much) at the moment, and because the baby has been relatively non-fussy, I haven’t set up any kind napping routine for Christian. He doesn’t seem to mind riding the ebb and flow of our slightly chaotic household as long as he can nap against my chest whenever he wants to. He loves the sling.

Instead, Christian has developed his own routine to match ours. That is, he wakes bright and early between 5:30 and 6 am, which is when Chad wakes up anyway. He goes down for a solid morning nap by 9am. This is my golden time when only do things I CAN’T do when he’s awake. Gold time is when Christian is sleeping so deeply that he’ll sleep alone on the bed. Gold time activities include writing and paperwork, but not laundry, unpacking, or cleaning. Right now is silver time, when he’s sleeping, but in the sling. I can work on the computer, but only for short stints.

Platinum time is when he’s awake and grinning at me…

The following is not the most flattering picture of Christian I’ve ever taken (his diminishing sty is showcased), but before this picture, Christian had never looked up like this before! So for the folks back home:

Cobra position for the first time.

Cobra position for the first time.

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