This is Why

I sometimes wonder if it’s worth all the effort I put into giving my stuff away – I mean, why not just hand everything over to the Salvation Army? Why bother making a zillion little piles and sending off packages to friends in other countries?

Click on the pic to go to Tiffs blog.

Click on the pic to go to Tiff's blog.

This picture my friend Tiff sent me shows me exactly why it’s worth putting things aside for people I think will appreciate our old things. This adorable picture is of Clara and Pippa wearing two outfits that Bella designed and we had tailor-made in Bangkok when she was nine. And two of her beloved beanie babies. I LOVE seeing friends (and strangers) enjoy things that we no longer need. Much much pleasure!

And on that same note, a freecycle update: a month or so ago I gave away two sheepskin carseat covers on freecycle. The man who picked them up was very appreciative and asked me to let him know if I ever needed help loading or moving anything. This week I posted my first “Wanted” ad on freecycle for patio furniture and immediately got an offer for two great patio chairs. They turned out to be too big for our compact sedans, so the guy who got my sheepskin seat covers is picking them up and delivering them to our house today. Free and FREE!

These are the chairs that should be arriving any minute...

These are the chairs that should be arriving any minute...

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