Welcome to the Blogosphere, Nathen!

A blog called Nathen’s Miraculous Escape was born yesterday on Nathen’s 37th birthday. You may know him and want to check it out. You may not know him and still want to pop over there.

I remember once a friend chuckling when I arrived on his doorstep for a visit with an armload of books – he said, Jeannie you always come ready to share the new ideas you’re investigating!

Nathen is one of those people for me. I am frequently exposed to new ideas through him. For instance, he was the first (but not the last!) person to tell me about David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Jeff Campbell’s Speed Cleaning, and Danny Dryer’s Chi Running.

He is also an excellent reference on many topics of interest to me: unschooling, swing dancing, music, peer counseling, community living … to name just a few. Nathen’s a real thinker and serious investigator, so when he tackles a subject of interest he does so thoroughly and with sincere curiousity.

Did I mention that he’s a dear friend of both mine and my husband’s? (Nathen is one of Chad’s oldest childhood friends and he gave a moving toast honoring Chad at our wedding reception.) He’s even a good friend to Bella – when she was little she once tearfully asked me, Do you think he’ll wait for me to grow up so we can get married?

I look forward to watching his new blog grow.

Nathen with baby Christian about a month ago.

Nathen with baby Christian about a month ago.

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