Nostalgia for my alma maters

Hmm, that may not seem correct, but a perfunctory google check says, yes indeed, that “alma maters” is the plural for “alma mater.”

As I cleaned up my email inbox yesterday I finally watched a youtube video my brother, Songbae, sent me back in early September. The email said only, Start listening at 1:33, so I advise you to do the same.

The youtube video is called “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Banker: A Wall Street Musical” and while I think the video is now obviously out-of-date (Songbae is currently sending me quotes like this from the Oct 3 Harvard Business Online: “A male investment banker [who has lost 80% of his net worth in the last year] tells of bad dreams and grinding his teeth so badly he recently cracked two molars.” ) the mention of my old high school, made me guffaw. Whitman was [is] really a public school aspiring to a private school reputation.


And recently I also read a light coming-of-age romance by Golda Fried called Nellcott is my Darling, which is entirely set in Montreal and at McGill University. Fried’s writing is spare and with splashes of lyrical metaphor. The story basically chronicals a good girl going off to university and falling for a guy, who frankly is more into himself than he is into her – the whole thing rings very true for an awkward freshman romance. It’s that crush kind of love you have on guys before you really know anything about yourself. It’s not normally what I would pick to read, but it was a nice change of pace and I LOVED reading about Montreal and McGill and Molson Hall (where I lived for a year)…The five reveiwers at amazon raved over it here, but I’m guessing they’re all college-aged kids themselves. I give it a B. (Thanks Tiff for sending me this – I sent it off to Chantelle to read next.)

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