Ghee-gle and other words that don't exist in the English language

My favorite aspect of learning a new language is how much the vocabulary (and sentence structure) reveals about that particular culture. For instance, f*** is NOT a cuss word in German – as far as I know, it’s not even considered a dirty word. In Quebec, you are most profane when you are using “holy” words. One of the worst things you can say is “Tabernacle!” Or “Sacre Hoti!” (sacred host). Or “Sacrement!”

I am most fascinated when I learn of a word in another language that has no English equivalent: ghee-gle for instance. Gheegle (phonetically spelled) is a Filopino word that expresses the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearable cute. This word pops into my mind frequently as I have a tendency to pinch those whom I love – my love bites, if you will. I am suffering from a major case of gheegle these days because Christian is only getting more adorable. His chunky soft calves beg to be bitten and his bottom pleads to be gripped.

It is time I shared some of this paradoxical pleasure with my friends in Joshua Tree, so despite Christian’s continued inconsolable crying in the car, we are going to attempt a trip to the hi-des. Bella needs to see her dad (and Dawkins) and so Christian and I will be there this Monday and Tuesday, November 24-25. Christian and I will be recieving visitors at Darlene’s house on Monday 10 am -noon, if you are desiring to experience a little gheegle yourself.

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