The Light At the End of the Cheer Tunnel

After a rocky start, Bella’s cheer team has done very well, placing not only first in their division at the JAMZ competition, but winning the overall championship with the highest score of the day! That event qualified them for the Las Vegas competition in February.

The WESCON Regional competition last weekend in Long Beach qualified the girls to go to Nationals in Florida. (Bella’s not going to that one – too much school missed…)

Almost done with the cheer season! She might not even do track in the spring, because that would change her schedule around and she likes her Accl. English teacher right now. That means she’s thinking about doing power walking for PE instead (she has tennis right now), so that her schedule won’t change.

As much as I am pushing for her to do track, it would be nice not to have to work the snack bar, come up with the team fees, give rides every day, etc…

Here is a wobbly video of the qualifying WESCON routine. It’s impossible even for Bella to always tell which girl is her even when this video is played on a large screen TV, so don’t ask – I’m not sure which one is her.


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