It's Called Sleeping in the Bed You Make

I got an strange email the other day through Facebook. Possibly the strangest one I’ve received since I got online in 1991.

I was contacted by the current wife of a man I dated over twenty years ago. A woman I’ve never met, barely even heard of, contacted me because her husband and I were an item back in college.

My sister thinks it’s brave that she emailed me. I would choose other words.

It’s not just strange – it’s sad and very, very insecure.

She asked me to either NOT communicate with her husband or to include her in the loop if I did. That’s right, she wants me to cc her on any cyber communication I might have with her husband. Granted, he and I were in touch very briefly OVER A YEAR AGO over possible work opportunities, but we have not seen eachother (or even emailed) since.

I think this bodes ill for their relationship, but really, how can she expect to trust a man WHO CHEATED ON HIS FIRST WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN TO BE WITH HER?

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