Fruit Sling Ti-Ti

Chad was just last night speculating how much Noi naa, my niece, was going to enjoy her cousin Christian this Christmas now that he’s grinning and recognizing people so well.

She loved him when he couldn’t much more than lean against a pillow. First thing in the mornings this summer in Virginia, she would run into our bedroom rhymically chanting “Ti-ti, Ti-ti…” But she didn’t say “Ti-ti” loudly like the name of a Polynesian king, but a softly aspirated “teee-teee.”

I heard too that the morning after we had left Virginia that Noi naa had put apples down the front of her shirt and called them Ti-ti. She was imitating how she had seen me carry Christian in his sling.

Well, apples won’t do!, I thought. And I got right to work on a Ti-Ti doll and sling for Noi naa.

Here’s the Waldorf-style Ti-Ti doll and sling I made for Noi naa’s Christmas gift this year. He is made with all natural fibers: wool stuffing, mohair “hair”, and cotton skin. And talk about saving money – these dolls cost over $100 at natural toy stores. When I make my next doll, I’ll take pictures and post a tutorial. The model is Anna, one of my favorite little girls in my attachment parenting group.

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