You Can't Take Me Anywhere

I am so susceptible to advertising and promotions that I should just stop going into stores.

A couple days ago I was riveted to the Vita-mix stand at Costco. The guy was making a fruit smoothie, which I like to do at home, but then my eyes widened – he was throwing in entire strawberries, stem and all, whole apples, and even a pineapple barely peeled, but still with its core. The smoothie was delicious. And then he threw in more strawberries with ice and made instant strawberry sorbet. And then he made baby food that Christian gulped down ravenously – out of raw zucchini, carrot and apple. And finally he made a piping hot tortilla soup. This amazed me most, because he started with all raw ingredients and had the hot soup in our hands in 8 minutes.

I thought to myself, I HAVE TO HAVE A VITA-MIX. My monkey mind just went nuts trying to figure out how to come up with the $375.

We would eat so many more vegetables and fruit with one of these babies! We could eat more raw food and certainly I would never ever waste anything from my CSA basket again. I went home despondant – Chad had admonished me to be more “fiscally responsible” just the day before and now I was going to say that I wanted to buy a $400 juicer? I thought about just squirreling away twenties and waiting until I had enough.

And then suddenly I realized I had enough!

If I put the $200 my mom gave me at Christmas for new eye glasses (I have a perfectly good pair, but was just looking for a fresh look), plus the $100 I got for trading in the sweater my brother gave me, also at Christmas, (it was a lovely sweater, but I put it on and my mother said it made me look like a granny – then she asked how much it was. I told her that Bella had told me that it was a $100 sweater that had been discounted to $60. My mom hurried into her room, grabbed a $100 bill, thrust it into my hands and said, Buy yourself another sweater, I’ll take this one…), plus the $53 Costco rebate check I have in my wallet – I am almost there!

So to get that last bit of cash I made a bet with Chad last night. He rolled over in bed last night saying that it was late. I said it wasn’t even 10:30. He said, IT IS SO. Wanna bet? I put $25  on the bet, and guess what? It was 10:29. I won, don’t you think?

So I am practically out the door to get this juicer, but it occurred to me today that might be able to get one used.

Now, I’m just chomping at the bit. And fussing about on the internet seeing if there are any used vita-mixes for sale…

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