Printable Oscar Ballot 2009

In our home, bigger than the Superbowl, bigger than the season premiers of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Heroes all combined – is the 81st Academy Awards, which airs February 22, 2009. And seeing that we don’t have TV or cable reception at our house this means finagling an invite from one of our friends or family. And organizing a food fest. I don’t know why particularly, but food looms large in my mind right now. It may be perhaps because the baby has become so active that I’ve scarcely had a moment to scarf down a meal.

Chad’s co-workers get into the Academy Awards too, and usually they have a contest. Chad’s typically seen most of the movies on the list and usually has a strong opinion about who will win what, backed up by the usual pre-academy award’s indicators, like the scores of different awards ceremonies hosted in January. My ideas are, of course, completely influenced by his…

Sounds like Slumdog is a shoo-in for best picture; Mickey Rouke – Best Actor; Heath Ledger – post-humously, Best Supporting (although Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road should give him a run for his money – but there’s no competing against a well-loved dead guy); probably Kate Winselet for The Reader (she won BOTH Best Actress  and Supporting Actress at the Globes); and Penelope Cruz – Best Supporting for her role in Woody Allen’s movie.

If you’re interested in a printable Oscar Ballot, you can get one here.

If you want to see my favorite movies of the year (I’ve expanded the post to include pictures and descriptions of each of the ten films), click here.

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