LN to MdR

For those of you who thought I was the crazy one in the marriage, think again. For all Chad’s mild-mannered appearance, he can be intense, and intensely determined.

The picture above is of Chad’s route from Laguna Niguel to Marina del Rey on Sunday. About 67 miles, and that’s already the second time he’s biked to Los Angeles in 2009. (The first time was to Union Station.) And while he finds the most pleasant route he can, he is often just on the street and not always in the best of neighborhoods. Now THAT is a crazy adventure. I used to lead bike tours, but only on idyllic country roads in New England and France. And never more than 30 miles a day!

Segue: We have been pretty busy and, DOING, as it turns out, is not that compatible with WRITING. I have lots to post about, and no time to do it. Which, in thinking about it, is the way I prefer it. I’d rather do much and write less than to do less.

Last week…

Tuesday: Drove to the Waldorf School of Orange County for a meetup I’d organized. Walked briskly with the other mothers and kids for an hour or two, and then browsed leisurely in the toy shop there. Everything you could want Waldorf is there.

Wednesday: Drive to Hungtington Gardens with friend, Sierra. We have a blast. The children’s garden there is the most ingenious bits of landscape planning I have ever experienced. Didn’t get home until 8pm, at which point I realized I had completely spaced on picking up our bi-weekly CSA basket. In a slight panic (I don’t want to forfeit my $40 basket of organic veggies), I toss the baby into Chad’s arms and rush back out. I am relieved to find that my basket is one of four that still hasn’t been picked up and that nobody appears to have noticed. It is only the next day that I realize that I had completely missed my bunco game. I RSVP’d “Yes” and then I never showed or even called. How rude am I?

(The Huntington Gardens are in Pasadena. You can just make out Pasadena to the left of the traffic tab in the picture.)

Thursday: Recupped in the morning and then packed for Joshua Tree. At six, drive Bella to her Safe-Rides Officer Meeting. At 7:30, pick her up, ready to go and drive directly to Joshua Tree.

(Joshua Tree is off the map to the top right. Another 50 miles east on the 60 or 10.

Friday: Spend an hour with a friend (Darlene), then meet another friend for lunch (Caryn and her daughter), and then the afternoon with Granma and Grampy. In the evening drive back to Laguna Niguel.

Saturday: Wake up and enjoy Chad’s delicious breakfast (homemade hash browns and eggs with tapenade). While baby sleeps for unprecedentedly long nap, we watch Lost, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the rest of The Reader.

Sunday: Chad leaves for bike ride to LA. Bella, Christian and I depart by car. Reconvene in Marina del Rey at friend’s house to eat homemade chicken pot pie and salad. Walk around the Third Street Promenade. Attend Murdy family shindig in celebration of February girls’ birthdays at delicious Tompkin’s Square. Eat, drink, and be merry. Drive home.

Monday: Wake up late and walk around in a daze all day. Do laundry. Make beef strogonoff to celebrate last night of eating dairy.

Tuesday: Today. Blow off my “rain or shine” wilderness hike because it is raining and post while the baby is napping.

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