Crochet Your Own Woolen Soaker

I’m up late finishing an art capsule or two for my spending money this month and thinking about how I am going to get my house in order before a dozen moms with toddlers in tow show up tomorrow at 10 am.

Instead of a full cleaning, I’m thinking about just re-adjusting my attitude and being content with a less clean house.

I’m hosting a Crochet-Your-Own Woolen-Soaker playdate (although some are knitting stuffed animals and others are crocheting pants) and I’m hoping that it goes as well as last month when the moms and kids were all very focused.

The pattern I am using for the soaker is from a site called With a Tangled Skein. You can see the pattern here.

I doubt I’ll get going on another one today as I’ll be helping other moms get started, but I’m pleased with how the first one turned out. I used one of the last balls of wool from a 73-square blanket I made for my sister’s wedding gift.

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