We had an excellent day snorkling off Table Rock in Laguna Beach today. I might even say that it was the best day ever (in Laguna that is … you can’t beat swimming with sea turtles in Maui…) The visibility was amazing and there were so many fish out. It was like a sunny day in the city, when suddenly people pour out into the streets and everybody feels friendly. That’s how the fish felt today. The water’s calmness and warmth seemed to lure everybody out into the open.
No leopard sharks but dozens of fish we had never seen before, all silver of course. Like a group of Asian people they all looked alike at the beginning, but slowly revealed distinctive traits by their swimming habits, locations, group formations and profiles. We saw large fish towards the bottom – long and lean with yellow in their fins. Oh, and I take the silver part back, because we saw garabaldi today too, who are bright orange. We swam further out than we ever had before and explored some new ground, both to the north and south of Table Rock.

I learned a new tip today too, for diving down deep. Instead of blowing air out while diving, I held my nose and just blew enough to create pressure (without releasing any air). This enabled me to dive deeper without ear pain.

The only strange moment was when Chad yelled that there was a big crab. Ian and I swam over and then started back pedalling as fast as we could. The “crab” turned out to be a dead seagull floating upside-down underwater, like a matted stuffed animal. Very eerie.

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