REAL Downsizing…

My brother Songbae got laid off months ago and is now moving to Thailand to live in our younger sister’s guest room indefinitely.

He is sorting through his things and, apparently impressed by this guy’s efforts to reduce the number of his worldly possessions to a mere 100 things, is going to do the same thing. That’s called emulation.

Just to clarify, however, the art and some of the bigger things that were originally gifted to him are being LOANED out not given away. And yes, the initials next to each item are the initials of the person claiming the item.

Here’s the email I got from Songbae this weekend (and I quote):

“hello all,

making good process on the big stuff and kitchen stuff but need to
pick up the flea market frenzy on clothes and books.  stop by saturday
late afternoon or come by during the day sunday to pick up your new
favorite yard work shirt (or that apple corer you never knew you

starting sunday everything will be first-come, first-serve (unless
arrangements have been made) and come monday the “cream” will be
dropped off at goodwill and the dregs will be left on the sidewalk
outside my apartment!


p.s. at the bottom is my running list of what i’m keeping.  list isn’t
complete but trying to keep below 100.
p.p.s. i move out of my apartment a week from today to drive down to
la to meet up with my older sister.  i fly out with her and her two
kids that thursday to visit my little sister in bangkok.  let me know
if you’re in the hood!



bed (DS)
pillows (4) (DS)
duvet + sheets + pillow cases (2 sets) (DS)
blanket (DS)
wood end table (SN)
metal end table (ML)
korean blanket (KK)
bike (CM)
bike computer (CM)
bike lights (CM)
bike shoes (CM)
flat plastic storage bins (2) (CP, KJ)
wetsuit (swimming) (JD)
framed etching (large) (JL)
file cabinet (LB)
pounds sterling (SL)
Singaporean dollars (TL)
Philippine dollars (NC)
clock radios (2) (ML, K)

Venezuelan currency
lucite – kilroy bond deal
lucite – mlp private placement
lucite – ipc sellside
lucite – westfield bond deal
lucite – vno convert
lucite – amb convert


sofa + chair set (KK)
pillows (3) (KK)
handmade pillow (EG)
shelf (MC)
floor lamp (MC)
rug (JL)
wall table (SN)
record player + records (ML)
golf clubs (JD)
golf shoes (JD)
Presidio driving range card (SY)
rabbit carving (KK)
guitar (DS)
guitar tuner (NC)
storage cubes (JL)
magazine holder (MC)
model rocket launcher (JW)
laundry basket (LB)
plastic storage unit (LB)
world map (LB)
framed etching (small) (ML)
plants (4) (AM, SS, JC, PK)
small plastic trashcan (MC)
walking robot (RL)

clock radio
Ansel Adams calendar
ariel print photograph of guggenheim
map of korea (from north korea)
orange plant waterer
incense holder
3 legged leather stool (needs repair)
canvas tote bag with dresdner kleinwort wasserstein logo
canvas gym bag with dresdner kleinwort wasserstein logo
white canvas tote bag
canvas tote bag with bofa reib logo
neoprene knee brace
apron (spca)
swim cap
spanish flash cards
small pillow with venezuelan flag colors


kitchen table (KK)
wooden chairs (2) (KK)
brown table lamp (JS)
wine glasses (YC, JL, PK, CP, AM)
frying pan (JH)
silverware (KK)
plates + bowls (KK)
large ceramic bowl (ML)
tea kettle (ML)
small pot (ML)
medium pot (ML)
large pot (ML)
rice cooker (ML)
colander (MC)
paper shredder (JL)
toaster oven (YC)
suitcase (JL)
green carry on bag (Lehman Brothers logo) (NW)
green polo carry on bag (RL)
tire chains (BM)
radio (ML)
swim googles (ML)
dvd player (JS)
sleeping bag (JL)
sleeping bag pad (JL)
stuff sack + pillow case (JL)
Lowe backpack (JL)
flashlight, compass, DEET (JL)
camping stove (JL)
camping bowl (JL)
auto compass (JL)
coasters (ML)
brita water filter (ML)
end table (LB)
power strip (ML)
sf map drawing (ML)
muni map (LB)
sharpie (HP)
zagat sf map (IL)
hair dryer (PK)
straw hat (ML)
martini shaker (ML)
small globe (RL)

umbrellas (3) (ML)
microwave (2) (JS)
black carry on bag (Bofa logo)
small bofa canvas tote bag
green canvas eddie bauer carry on
small plastic trashcan
dish rack
apple corer
can opener
golf balls
rolodex (with contacts!)
canvas grocery bags (3)
canvas wine bags (3)
baseball caps (3)
cotton shoulder bags (2)
plastic garment bags (5)
small salomon ski backpack
insulated wine bottle carrier
dog leash
wicker letter basket
plastic letter holder
plastic folder holder
pocket pen
hacky sack
power ball (wrist strengthener)
steel balls (wrist strengthener)
tv remote (only turns tvs off, e.g. in bars)
map of appalachian trail
blank CD-Rs (3)
new americans VHS series
road maps (carmel, OC, CA)
dish towels (2)
paper clip holder
tennis racquet
tv  (left by previous tenant)


love loves a working man
abandon ship
michael zapruder
amy anderson
16 takes on korean society
new order – best of
squeeze – 45 and singles


wooden storage unit (JS)
pyrex qtip holder (ML)

small plastic trashcan
hand towels (5)
bath towels (3)
beach towel (2)
shower mat (2)


car (BM)
laminated sf street map (IL)
wall street journal subscription (TB)
laminated sf map (IL)
bart card
prepaid peet’s card
prepaid starbucks card
tamarine gift card – palo alto
bette’s gift certificate – berkeley
lawrence hall of science family guest pass (PK)
wok wiz china town tour (PK)
gallon spring water (2) (extent of my earthquake preparedness kit)

CLOTHES (9-9.5 shoe size, 15-32 dress shirt, med tshirt, 32-30 pant)

black overcoat – britches (ML)
dark blue trench coat – burberry (ML)
orange fleece pullover – gap (RL)
black wind breaker (bofa logo)
suit – hugo boss (grey pin stripe) (ML)
suit – britches (dark blue)
blue blazer (2) (HP)
brown corduroy blazer – h&m (ML)
dress shirts (worn) (10+)
white undershirts (32)
white bath robe (brand new, burke williams)
triathlon shorts (bike + swim)
levi belt (ML)
black leather belt
handkerchief (4)


red – brooks brothers
blue -  brothers (HP)
blue – burberry
squiggles – burberry
stripped – burberry
red – dkny
blue – frangi
blue + grey prep
yellow diamonds – britches
jerry garcia
coffee beans
seals – ferragamo
elephants – jim thompson
butterflies – ferragamo


vasque hiking books (CM)
sno seal leather protector
suede bucks  (silsby’s wedding) (ML)
brown dress shoes
black dress shoes  – ferragamo (ML)
black dress shoes  – kenneth cole
tennis shoes – new balance (ML)
running shoes – asics


pvc rainpants
pvc raincoat
windpants – northface
ski gloves
black fleece gloves
black leather gloves (2 pair)
ski goggles
purple fleece hat
black thinsulate hat
blue cotton hat
long underwear top + bottom
ski boot carrier
black wool scarf
blue bandana
wrist sweat band
sunglasses – oakley


wool dress pants (5)
houndstooth – banana republic
dark blue – raj
khaki pants (5)
corduroy green pants – dockers
khaki shorts – banana republic
red shorts


sweat shirt (vermont) (RL)
golf pullover
green flannel – britches
blue cotton – ralph lauren
button down cowboy shirt – levis (ML)
argyle wool sweater
1995 DC jingle bell run
burgundy pullover – brooks brothers


white – brooks brothers (2)
white – britches (2)
white – raj (2)
white – nordstrom
white – h&m
blue – brooks brothers
blue – ermenegildo zegna (HP)
blue – raj (3)
white with blue stripes – raj (4)
white with blue stripes – brooks brothers
white with red stripes – brooks brothers
white with blue stripes – kenneth cole
white with grey stripes
white with tan stripes – hugo boss
blue with white stripes – hugo boss
blue with dark stripes – raj
dark blue – dkny
cross striped – ike behar
blue – britches
traditional philippine

DRESS SHIRTS (slightly frayed)

dark blue – brooks brothers
dark blue striped – brooks brothers
light blue – brooks brothers
black and white checkered – brooks brothers
blue striped – raj
white striped – raj


white with green stripes – banana republic
brown with white stripes – banana republic
white with meristar logo – lands end
grey with nakasec logo
dark blue with white stripes
hawaiian (2)
green – callaway golf
blue with white stripes


bridge to bridge run 2008
khmenlnitsky 2000
montana aids ride
working families
heart walk
soutwest airlines
northern guest casino
ice breaker triathlon 2009 – wicking
HEI (2)
wonder woman has a posse
team flambongo
imbeciles of america
hoopers crabhouse
mug & mallet
boston nyc aids ride
uvm where the wild things are
bethany beach house
shp (2)
uvm ’96 reunion
bay to breakers ’08
SAE bob andrews 5K ’91
neighborhood services
gecko marathon
help the homeless walkathon

WORN AND/OR WITH HOLES (i.e. some of my favorites that i couldn’t throw away)

khaki shorts (2)
jeans (3)
tan corduroy pants
red & green flannel
green oxford – brooks brothers
white striped oxford – j crew
blue striped oxford – brooks brothers


english patient (JP)
eat, pray, love (JL)
kite runner (MC)
baby proof
poisonwood bible (left by previous tenant)

short history of nearly everything (A)
guns, germs and steel (SL)
people’s history of the US
bowling alone (CS)
fast food nation (ML)
the gift (about being an artist in a capitalist society -  have not read)
death and life of great american cities (LB)
urban problems and community development (ML)
crossing the class and color lines
four arguments for the elimination of tv
amusing ourselves to death
koreans in america
asian american dreams (ML)
country in the city (greening of sf) (ML)
o’reilly factor (gift from dad)
this many miles from desire – poems

man without a country (JP)
secrets of millionaire mind (LB)
what shamu taught me about life, love and marriage (SL)
10 things men do to mess up their lives (gift from female friend)
driven to distraction (about adhd – gift from close friend)
five secrets you must discover before you die (CS)
real rules (another gift…)
it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be (airport buy)
getting past ok (written by ex-microsoft guy – from hs friend)
please understand me  (left by previous tenant!)
forgive and forget (left by previous tenant!)

be my guest (bio of conrad hilton)
historic hotels of america
Peak (by founder of JdV hotels)
cheap hotels (JP)
the real estate game (LB)
real estate investment trusts – strategies
real estate investment trusts – structure
call of the mall
house lust

accidental investment banker (JW)
house of morgan
predators ball
global bankers
merchants of debt
hedge hogging
competing in the investment banking industry
the new market wizards

webster dictionary (ML)
idiots guide to football (ML)
spanish for dummies (ML)
cartoon history of the universe (JL)
korean language books
russian language text
drawing on the right side of the brain
sketch book
read the bible in a year
great wine made simple (CS)
rapid math tricks (SL)
hit every golf shot (prize for last place!)
dog lovers companion to bay area
portable curmudgeon
korean favorites cookbook (ML)
conquering carpal tunnel
tail talk
101 magic tricks (ML)
US road atlas (ML)
museums of sf

marching powder (about british coke smuggler in bolivian prison)
sex lives of cannibals (JD)
confessions of an economic hitman (interesting idea, so-so story)
blackwater (mercenary company)
sf tenderloin (JS)
a crack in the edge of the world (sf earthquake)
dharma punx
three cups of tea (IL)
aquarium of pyongyang
devil in the white city (LB)
catfish and mandala
river’s tale
7 years in tibet
video night in kathmandu

audiobook (on CD)
welcome to the monkey house
celestine prophecy
pursuit of happyness
everyone worth knowing

killing machine



digital watch
travel clock
meditation timer
small buddha statue
book of daily meditations (from dad 1988)


2009-2010 at-a-glance calendar
five year journal (urban outfitters)
moleskine journal (from kimetha)
extra journal (from joss)
extra moleskin journal (bought in tucson)


laptop (jeannie hand-me-down)
pen (zebra F-301)
mechanical pencil (zebra M-301)
eraser (staedtler mars plastic)
bose headphones


nose hair clippers


roller bag
shoulder bag
running shoes – new balance


blue rain coat – moonstone
hoody – american apparel
orange sweater – brooks
blazer – polo (silsby’s wedding)


blue oxford – brooks brothers
striped wrinkle free oxford – eddie bauer
blue striped oxford – brooks brothers
oxford – ike behar
brown wrinkle free oxford


b&w stripped polo – brooks brothers
hokulia polo (golf)
blue hawaiian shirt (sue’s  wedding)


yellow wicking shirt  – north face
red wicking shirt – north face
black wind pants – north face
green swim shorts – patagonia


black jeans
blue jeans
khakis pants – raj
khaki shorts – gap
baseball cap (yerba buena)


tshirt – outward bound
tshirt – jim
tshirt – bolder boulder
tshirt – weclome to north korea
tshirt – kwangju uprising


tshirt – asian american film fest chicago 2004
tshirt – khmenlnitsky 1999
tshirt – nova kahovka 2000
tshirt – leones campeones
tshirt – don’t touch my truck


tshirt – i speak english
tshirt – soi dog rescue


book – diamond cutter
book – constructing a life philosophy
book – consilience
book – what color is your parachute
book – ghost wars


book – purpose driven life
book – three simple rules
book – freedom of simplicity
book – wounded healer
book – what should i do with my life


book – blood of flowers”

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