Yes, I have resorted to bribery

I have not succumbed to getting a puppy (chiweenie or worse) or to a siamese kitten – but today I did spend some money at Hollister, cheering Bella up. Her crying jags are getting fewer and farther between and she has adjusted to seeing me wearing my beautiful ring. (Uh oh, she just read this post over my shoulder and stomped off – sheesh, she was supposed to be in bed!)

Speaking of which, there is a little controversy over which hand wears the ring. Sue and Maya have both adamantly told me that the engagement ring goes on the right hand until marriage. So far, I have fielded no less than a dozen shocked to mildly surprised queries about why I am bucking the American tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand. Granted, Sue is influenced by British and Australian custom, and Maya is Canadian, so I don’t know whether I am being led astray or not. I’ll ignore the matter entirely until I find the time to do a little Emily Post research…

In any case, the ring feels loose and so I have been wearing it on various other fingers, such as the right middle and left ring. Besides, that seems to make Bella feel better. In any case, I don’t mind bucking tradition – the ring looks amazing on any fool finger!

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