Letter to Christian at 15 Months

Dear Ti-ti (since that’s what everybody calls you here – following Noi naa’s lead),

You are having the blast of your little life here in Bangkok. You adapted very quickly and now as soon as you sit up and open your eyes (yes, sometimes in that order), you point to the door and demand to be taken out to the rest of the apartment to see who else is awake (um, usually everybody).

Noi naa has a pretty enormous collection of fun toys – so you are always entertained by some new contraption. The only trouble is that everything belongs to Noi naa and as soon as she sees you have it – well, she wants it MORE. Still, she’s been pretty good about sharing and also learning how to trade you for things. And anyway, a little push and pull with a sibling-like cousin won’t hurt any; if anything, I like that you know that you don’t always get your way.

You watch and watch and watch. You are pretty impressed with how she swims across the pool (all the way across the width!) and you duck your head in periodically to see how it feels. You are also talking a lot more. When the kind grown-ups in your life hand you a toy, you respond politely “thank you” with a little Thai intonation. And yesterday when Joss asked Noi naa what color something was (she’s very into colors) you were lying on the bed and I distinctly heard you say “red” and “geen.”


I don’t think these corresponded to any colors you saw, but that you knew that those words were one correct response to a question involving colors. I was pretty impressed.

You and Noi naa really adore each other and often stop just to smooch or hug. This is a clip from the airport when we dropped Bella off. You are making sure that Noi naa is getting some of your mango sorbet.


You’ve really been getting attached to your uncles and aunt too. When I put you down on your feet, it’s not MY hand you want to hold, it’s Songbae’s or Joss’s. Often I carry Noi naa (in the Beco!) and somebody else has got you for the walk down to the skytrain.


We skype with your dad every few days and he always puts a grin on your face. Then you say “da-da” over and over again during the rest of the day, chuckling to yourself. We’ll see him soon – in less than a week.

You with Daddy, already 1 1/2 months ago. Look how much littler you look.

You with Daddy, already 1 1/2 months ago. Look how much littler you look.

You’ve been cutting two molars on the right side of your mouth and that’s been driving you a little crazy. Luckily you’re still nursing like a pro, so when eating solid food gets too painful, you nurse up a storm. And I don’t mind burning the extra calories, because I’ve been eating treats off the soi like a fiend.

With friends at the La Leche League Toddler Meeting (first Wednesday of every month at Cabot Park).

And while you’ve been enjoying your time here, I think you’ll enjoy seeing your old friends back in Laguna Niguel as well. Just last night you caught sight of Anna and Aiden on my computer and you started shouting and pointing. You haven’t forgotten them in the least.

I love you Baby. You’re a trooper traveler like your big sister Bella (whom you now call Babla). I have so much fun with you.



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