Cambodia – dreams, dinner and decadence

My brother Songbae’s last missive from Cambodia:

“not necessarily in that order:

dinner – phnom penh has a lot of koreans and korean resturaunts. went to one last night called pyong yang. all the waitresses are from north korea. they sang some karaoke while we ate.

dreams – not about cambodia but a newspaper article i read while having breakfast in cambodia. when a school girl was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she said a government official. when asked what kind she said a corrupt one because they have lots of nice things.

decadence – there’s a fancy new hotel that i stopped by to check out today. at the spa i asked if there were separate steam rooms for men and woman. they said no, everyone gets their own individual jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

massage therapist – how old are you?

me – 40 massage therapist – how come your face doesn’t look that old?

me – shrug

massage therapist – but your hair looks that old

massage therapist – are you married?

me – no massage therapist – oh, that’s so sad, sorry

massage therapist – what do you do?

me – i’m not working. i’m looking for a job?

massage therapist – they’re looking for a spa manager”

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