Letter to Christian at 16 Months

Dear Baby,

During our last week in Thailand last month, right after you had turned 15 months old, language exploded for you. You delighted in the power to communicate and suddenly you were saying a half dozen new words every day. The exciting adventure into talking makes you extra fun to be around.

I remember a point in Bella’s babyhood – at nine months I’m pretty sure – when I decided that nine months old was my favorite stage thus far. And then as she grew older, I had to keep revising that statement: “No, THIS stage is my favorite!”

The same thing is happening with you my dear little Ti-ti. THIS stage is my favorite. You’ve been confident and happy-go-lucky, but now you’re able to relax and cuddle more too. It delights your dad to no end when you rest your head on his chest when he asks you to. And you love giving soft little kisses.

You crack me up! You and all your hand holding and kissing of friends (making out with Kyla in the kitchen – granted she may have been more interested in the smear of cream cheese frosting on your upper lip). You and all your giggles and mischievous deeds (yes, tossing things off either of our two balconies has become a favorite).

And now you trailing behind me all day plaintively saying, “Mama. Tigga,” because you want to get back in your Tigger costume AGAIN.

I love you Baby!


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