Mama Scouts

Sierra and I have decided to start a new club, and we’re calling ourselves Mama Scouts of America.

We just got back from an impromptu camping trip in the nearby Casper’s Wilderness Park and we had  A BLAST! We also impressed the heck out of ourselves: getting the tent set up in record time, grilling steak and portobello mushroom caps for dinner – Sierra even got up before me and got a fire going and brought me hot coffee in the morning.

We stayed at Live Oak Campground, Site #3 at the recommendation of the ranger. It overlooked the dry creek bed of Bell River and since sites #2 and #1 were closed, and #4 was down the hill, we were virtually by ourselves. We saw deer in the wash in the evening, and the nearly full moon setting in the morning when we woke.

Check out the grill we had going in the evening and morning. No men around – just us two mamas and four kidlets between us! (We shared her massive tent, which is as large as my bedroom…)

Another mom and two kids joined us in the morning and we all went to hike the nature trail loop. And we found the perfect place for our Martinmas celebration that we’re going to have at the beginning of November: Sites #5 and #38!

We had so much fun that we planned two more camping trips while we were out there: Joshua Tree, October 18-19; and Casper’s again, in early November. Let me know if you want to join us, and I’ll send you more info.

My favorite part  of the trip? Staying up late after the kids fell asleep, poring over and reading the introduction to Sierra’s new Waldorf Oak Meadow curriculum for her homeschooling kindergartener.

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