More Fall Waldorf Songs

We’re going into winter halfway through our second cycle of our Waldorf in the Woods playgroup – so I’m trying to make the transition with apple “stars.” (Winter will have more star songs…)

Some of the songs are repeated (and will always be repeated) from cycle 1. I will add video clips as I create them. Note: I don’t have a piano or keyboard at home so some of the videos are random views at Target or Costco while I plunk out the melody.

Follow, follow me

To the ring of the fairies

Follow, follow  me,

Where the fairies dance and sing.

Gather with now

All the magic you can carry,

As we circle ‘round the dancing fairy ring.


Now look around

We’ve made a ring

By holding hands you see.

Yes, here I am,

And there you are,

Together we are we.


Lanterne, Lanterne, Sonne, Monde und Sterne,

Brenne auf mein Licht

Brenne auf mein Licht

Aber nur meine liebe Lanterne nicht.


This is my trunk, I’m a tall tall tree

In the winter, the snowflakes fall on me.

They glisten. They glisten.

This is my trunk, I’m a tall tall tree

In the spring, the blossoms bloom on me.

They bloom. They bloom.

This is my trunk, I’m a tall tall tree

In the summer, the breezes blow through me.

I bend. I bend.

This is my trunk, I’m a tall tall tree

In the autumn, the apples drop from me.

They drop. They drop.


Down with darkness, up with light

Up with sunshine down with night

Each of us is one small light

But together we shine bright

Go away darkest, blackest night

Go away, give way to light!


The leaves are floating gently down, (Wave silks up and down)

They make a soft bed on the ground


The wind comes whistling by, (Waves arms wildly)

And sends them dancing back to the sky (Flutter silks up)

On my head my hands I place,

On my shoulders, on my face.

On my lips and by my side,

Quickly behind me they will hide.

I can hold them way up high

And let my fingers gently fly

I can hold my hands in front of me

And clap 1-2-3.

The leaves are green

The apples are red

They hang so high above your head

Leave them alone ‘til frosty weather

Then they will all fall down together


Apple Secrets

Who would think an apple

Red, gold, or green and round

Would have a secret deep inside

When cut it can be found!

I thought this secret only shone

In deep and darkest night

But when I cut my apple

It shines with five points bright!

And now you know the secret

Where shining stars are found

In every crunchy apple

Red, gold, or green and round

(Cut open apple perpendicular to stem to find the “star,” then quarter and give pieces to the children to enjoy.)

Dot, dot, dot

And a big question mark.

Little spiders crawl up your back

Little spiders crawl down your back

Little spiders crawl up your arms

Little spiders crawl down your arms

Cool breeze, tight squeeze.

Egg on the head and the yolk drips down.

Creepy crawlies, creepy crawlies…


The Story Song

Anything can happen

In a fairy tale or rhyme

When you say the magic words

Once a upon a time

OR I like this one from raw mom’s blog:





Handwashing Song (sung in the mood of the 5th)

Time to wash our hands,

Time to wash our hands

Welcome, welcome

Welcome to our table

Welcome, welcome

We all join hands together. (We sing this until every one is sitting)

Snack Time Blessing

Earth who gives to us this food.

Sun who makes it ripe and good.

Sun above and earth below,

Our loving thanks to you we show.

Blessings on our meal.


Hands together hands apart

Hands together, we’re ready to start

Clean-up Song

I met a little dusty gnome

Who says it’s time to clean our home

Clean our home

Clean our home

Goodbye Circle

Who will come to my wee ring?

My wee ring

My wee ring

Who will come to my wee ring?

And make it a little bit bigger?

The earth stands firm beneath my feet. The sun shines high above. Here I stand, so straight and strong – all things to know and love

I can turn myself and turn myself and stop me when I will. I can reach high on my tippy toes and hold myself quite still.

Goodbye now, goodbye now.

We leave you now

And off we go

Goodbye now

Goodbye to all of you.

Thank you for coming.

Rainbow Bridge Song

Goodbye, goodbye

Blessing on your way.

May the sun shine bright

In your hearts today.

**See clips of Devana singing some of these songs and others, here**

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