looking on the bright side

I went to the dentist yesterday to check on the status of the deep pocket behind my furthermost upper molar and the news was not good. Although all my other teeth registered smaller numbers (and hence less recession of my gums), that back pocket came up an mind-numbing NINE millimeters deep. Last time it had been seven – but now the hygienist thinks that the last time it was measured that the tool was blocked up against a piece of tartar.

Bummer. I was referred to a peridontist who will most likely recommend that my gum be cut open in a flap so that the entire tooth length can be cleaned.

I am just not convinced that cutting will make it better.

On the upside, I got to watch an hour of the cooking channel while my teeth were being cleaned.

I don’t know who Racheal Ray is, but she cooks a mean meal in under 30 minutes. As I have several times in the past now, I came home and immediately made the dish she had prepared on the cooking show.

Tonight that was Orange Balsamic Glazed Chicken (basically pan-fried thighs with a balsamic vinaigrette and marmalade added at the end – I also added a chopped bunch of kale) served over what she likes to call a “puddle” of Lemon Risotto (a cup of risotto, chopped onions and garlic, with lemon zest and juice, all cooked slowly with chicken stock).

What can I say. The meal rocked.

And we got in a fight over the risotto leftovers. No joke – an argument that left each the three grown-up-ish people in three different parts of the house after dinner.


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