Seraphine in her bed ready for trip to Bangkok.

It is not seemly, I’m sure, to boast about one’s own projects, but I am hyperventilating over the cuteness of my latest completed craft project: a pocket doll in her own leaf bed.

She was a Waldorf in the Woods craft project a few weeks back, and I just finished her today because she’s my Christmas gift to my niece, Nabi Grace, in Thailand.

I was loving how she was turning out, and then as I started to sew up her little felt cap, I realized I HAVE MY OWN PLANT-DYED FELT! And I ran to my stash and picked out the sweetest shade of nubby pink and cut my first bit of my own plant-dyed felt. The shade of pink of her cap, the green stem, her orange (now I know that colors from osage) wool roving hair peeping through, all combined to make a dear pocket girl.

She was born and looked right at me. I hope my niece likes her because it’s going to  be hard for me for me to let her go.

Her name is Séraphine. Just behind her is the rainbow snail I made for our first craft for this cycle.

Now I have to whip up another one for my own little dude man. He grabbed the doll and wanted me to take a picture, when I lifted the camera he said "CHEEETH" (see the tongue between his teeth?) In each hand he has one piece of dog food, because he's on his way to feed the miniature poodles Bella is pet sitting.

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