Holiday Photo Shoot

My efforts to produce a New Year’s card for 2010 have been plagued with the kind of small obstacles that multiply and appear in front of rushed harried persons around the holidays. To wit, I picked up our first set of New Year’s cards from Costco and didn’t discover until I’d got home that not only was Bella’s name spelled incorrectly (“Becca”), but also that I’d picked up somebody’s else’s cards as well as my own.

After an apologetic rendezvous with a (very understanding) stranger, I put the cards off until after Christmas. In any case, Costco would make me re-upload the photo, so we thought we might make lemonade out of the situation and  try and come up with a better photo (since the original photo was taken on Halloween and Christian is dressed as a clown…) Bella agreed to a holiday photoshoot with her little brother on the beach. This was unprecedented cooperation. We headed down to the beach, north of Main Beach in Laguna, in the late afternoon.

Whoa. Beautiful setting! It was low, very low tide, and the light  was just gorgeous.

We took many many photos (but then spent that many hours arguing over which photo to use). You’ll get to see the one we finally chose when it arrives in the post – yes! We’re sending cards the old-fashioned way this year.

Other families had the same idea: groups of people dressed identically, holding hands, and running down the beach, abounded.

This is one Bella liked, but I didn't like the way Christian was gazing heavenward.

This one was my favorite - but Bella says she looks "funny."

Understandably, Christian had little patience for the whole affair - what did he care about the great lighting?

He was really, really done with the whole thing.

We were able to salvage the situation with different family configurations...

Christian's favorite perch.

We live in a beautiful place. Come visit! Check our clothes – these pictures were taken a couple days before Christmas and Chad’s in short sleeves. I was wishing that I’d thought to wear my bathing suit – that’s how lovely the weather was that day.

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