Baby Leg Warmers

When you’re rushing your baby to the potty, the less clothes in the way, the better. The Chinese apparently use split crotch pants, which sound cool, but I haven’t seen any yet.

What we do use, all winter long, are baby leg warmers, in lieu of pants. They keep Christian warm and give me fast access to his diaper around the house. I have one pair from Baby Legs that a friend gave me and several pair that I made from old knee high socks of mine (basically cut off the foot and serge a wide hem).

Now I want to knit a pair, like my friend has just done for her baby Oliver’s first birthday. She slightly modified a pattern she found online to accommodate Oliver’s chunky thighs and she used a lovely Japanese yarn that is a silk, wool, cotton blend.

That's one cute baby! He's been going on the potty regularly pretty much since he was born - although he does wear diapers (cloth) most of the time.

Here’s her pattern for baby leg warmers:

DK weight yarn
size 3 dpn needles
CO 36, join in the round
3-1 rib about 1.5-2″
change to size 4 dpn
K~30 rows
knit into the front and back of stitches 1, 12, 24 (basically at the beginning of each needle if evenly spaced)
you should have 39 stitches now
k 1 row
kfb again at beginning of each needle (#1, 14, 27)
this makes it bigger for chunky baby thighs 🙂
you should have 42 stitches now
knit about 25 more rows
change back to size 3 needles
then 2-2 rib about 15 more rows or at least until 10″ long (the ribbing isn’t perfect, one section will be 4, but you don’t notice it)
cast off loosely! probably will need larger needle to CO

P.S. The original leg warmer pattern is the Rock the Casbah Baby Leg Warmer from a blog called the Funky Hooker (by which I presume she is referring to adroit crochet hooking??)

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