January 2010 Goals

Bella has picked up a new favorite phrase from her psych teacher – now she calls my oft-procrastinated new year’s cards, ‘Merry May’ cards. Indeed, it’s February and they’re still not done. Part of my reluctance, is that some of them have Christian’s old birth announcements inside! It’s plain embarrassing to be such a procrastinator, even after all these years, but I don’t want to waste the postage…

Embarrassment aside, I’m going to doggedly push forward. If you were reading me a year ago, or two years ago, you may remember that I’ve given up standard new year’s resolutions for goal setting three times a year. I just realized that I only wrote goals once last year in January, so let me take a minute and add April 1 and August 1 to my iCalendar as goal-reviewing and goal-setting dates.

Wait, here’s something else embarrassing: I’ve been all excited about writing goals every four months (2 personal, 2 business, 1 health) to discover this week that, that kind of goal writing is trumpeted on the Lulumon advertising poster (Lulumon sells yoga gear). You know, that red and white poster that blares out at you at the mall to “Drink more water! And just DO IT!” and other motivational and uplifting mottos. I am a total cliché. Again, moving on.


1. I’m still not terrific at keeping my desk clear. I am a paper pile magnet. However, I’ve improved. I’ve always said I’d like to clear it weekly, but I’ve never actually set a weekly date. My first goal is to implement a weekly routine, which will be a mixture of chores and things that Christian will enjoy. I am more apt to get something done is I have a specific focus for the day.

Monday – Watercolor painting/Drawing with beeswax crayons

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday -Yoga

Thursday – Clear desk

Friday – Toy repair and polishing

2. I am seeing art regularly, and even getting into the wilderness regularly. Heck, I was even camping every month until recently. What’s on my mind right now is now to set up my home so there is less clutter. I hate for Christian to be growing up around so much clutter. Visually, it’s very unappealing; and psychically, it’s draining. So a concrete goal: I am going to get rid of 50 more books. (*gasp* that was hard to write) Good thing I’m going to visit my sister’s family in Thailand in May. I’ll bring some to them.


3. I actually achieved part of this goal from last year, which was to get credit for my writing. I have a byline when I write art reviews now, and I’ve done a longer piece. I’m not making anywhere near the $1000/month I’d hoped, but $200/month gets the cell phone bill paid. My goal now is to write a piece for another art publication, like Art in America, Artforum, or Artillery. Or even just to contact them!!

4. My goal here of moving womantalk.org over to my own hosting platform is stalled. I found another company I like, but haven’t done anything else. So this goal remains to move womantalk.org to its own site by April 1. This is the goal I really need to focus on (all because I want to have a goodreads.com widget on my home page)


5. Last year, I wrote that I’d like to do yoga or pilates once a week. That did not happen. And this year, I’ve slyly incorporated that goal into my personal goals. My weight is down to 110, and that’s fine. I think I need to think now more about my emotional health. I’d like to be less critical, of my husband and daughter, especially. How do I set a goal for that?

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