Sharing the Love

For Oscar night I made a double layer devil’s food cake with a layer of raspberry and then smothered the whole thing in chocolate buttercream frosting.

Waaaay better than angel’s food cake, in my opinion.

But probably unnecessary to make a double batch of cake for four adults – even if we had five kids between us. It would have been perfect as one batch split between two pans with more raspberry in the middle and decorated with fresh raspberries on top. Wouldn’t have been such a weighty tower of temptation then, though.

We had enough to leave a quarter-cake slice with the friends who hosted the evening, and then still enough to share with no less than four of our neighbors the next day.

I think this might have to be my birthday cake this year, instead of the carrot cake I’ve been making for years.

Both the cake and frosting recipe are from williams and sonoma online – I followed the recipe to the letter except I substituted Earth Balance and soy milk for butter and milk. No wait, I reduced the sugar by 1/2 cup (so less 1/4 cup per batch) and for the frosting I used bittersweet chocolate and reduced the confectioner’s sugar to 2 cups (instead of using unsweetened chocolate and SIX cups of confectioner’s sugar). I guess I never follow recipes to the letter.

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