Woolen Pompom Chicks

The kids playing while the mamas are crafting. (Remember, one mama is always watching the kidlets.)

I’d like to post all the crafts we did for our cycle 4 of the Waldorf in the Woods playgroup, but this particular craft deserves a post of its own.

With Devana‘s directions (she’s our friend who happens to be a Waldorf teacher), we made adorable chicks for our Easter/Spring baskets.

We used less than an ounce of well-carded chick-colored wool roving and TWO cardboard circles with the centers cut out. Yarn will work too. You'll also need a piece of string.

Wrap the wool roving (or yarn) tightly around BOTH circles until you can't squeeze through the center anymore for maximum fluffiness.

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the wool roving BETWEEN the two circles.

Tie the piece of string around the whole thing between the two cardboard circles. TIE TIGHTLY. DOUBLE TIE. Trim ends.

Slip off the cardboard circles. If you don't need to use them again, you can cut them off carefully.

You'll have a shaggy, soft pompom. Trim into a proper chick shape with sharp scissors.

Finished chick has a tiny felt beak and bead eyes glued on. We wet-felted an egg (around a wooden egg) as our project the following week. These will be great in our candy-free baskets!

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