Letter to Christian at 22 Months

The degree of his lean shows his devotion to his Ganma - and Christian's not the type of kid to cuddle grownups besides his mama and daddy. Windmills and dandelions on his shirt.

On the train to San Diego with Anna and Aiden, two of your favorite peeps.

Playing with sticks at our weekly playgroup in the woods (yup - no shirts in Feb!)

What you typically look like when I'm at the computer.

Hi Baby!

You are gently snoring away on the bed behind me as I type. Your Ganma came to spend the day with you last week, and she kept making comments on the variation of, “Boy! He sure has a lot of energy!” Yes. You do. (She also kept saying, “LOOK at that grin!) You adore your ganma – and we’ll have to continue to make sure you see her regularly.

You’ve been knocking back those baby milestones with ease. You can stand on the window ledge by yourself! You can sneak out of the house while I’m cooking! You can open Mama’s sewing box and sprinkle pins around the dining room! You can drop keys into spots only accessible to San Diego Gas and Electric! (and yes I met them…) You can pee into your potty standing up! And yesterday when you dropped a toy from the patio onto the ground near the worm box, you made your way down the stairs, scrambled behind the hedge, emerged triumphantly holding the stuffed bunny, and started climbing back up the stairs, all in the time it took me to go in the house and put on my flip-flops.

Yes, you are growing up.

Your favorite mode of transportation. Moments earlier, you had your chin resting on your hand...

And you’ve started singing quite a bit too. I’m holding on to the hope that you are musically inclined. (Bella, while talented in many arenas, cannot hold a tune to save her life.) You sing bits of the alphabet song with made-up sign language symbols, Twinkle, Twinkle, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, etc. The other day when I sang the blessing for our lunch, you said “Blessings on meal” as soon as I was finished. I love LOVE hearing you sing. I only wish I could capture some of it on video, but just the act of bringing out the camera evaporates the mood and makes you self-conscious (and stop what you are doing to say, “cheeeeeese”).

Oh, what we'll endure for a dum-dum lollipop.

So far, you seem to love not just singing, but musical instruments as well. You yell if you spot a piano, so we always have to stop a moment to let you play. Yesterday you noticed that your daddy’s blanket had stripes that looked like piano keys, so you crouched down and started to pretend plunk away. I’m starting to brood on how to get a keyboard or piano into this house – and think too about suzuki method violin for you later.

Other tricks you do:

You come up and hug me and say “Love you, Mama.”

When I sneeze, you say “Gesundheit!”

If you are diaperless and you have to pee, you yell “PEE-PEE” and run hell-bent for the toilet to pee.

You can distinguish all three car keys from eachother and you LOVE to put keys in keyholes.

We lots going on – as per usual. You love your buddies from our weekly playgroup, and we are keeping up with our monthly visits to the Huntington Gardens. We’re even squeezing in San Diego Zoo trips pretty regularly – I’ll have to post pics from our last adventure there (we took the train for Anna’s birthday).

I feel like I had so much more to say, but it’s time to pick up your sister from school.

Until next time.

I love you Baby.



Your first bike (a balance bike - no pedals)! A joint, belated Christmas gift from Mama, Daddy, and my parents.

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