Jetlag Blues

Sometime during the trip...

I’m going to have to pause before I even begin and make myself a cup of tea. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Christian went down for a nap an hour ago at 4 pm – I hope he’s not thinking he’s going to sleep for the night.

Because last night, after a moment of fatal hubris when I thought we were already past the jetlag, Christian woke up at 1 am and then stayed up until 7 am. I made flax muffins and let him play in the kitchen for two of those six hours, but the rest of the time (besides taking him to pee/poo EIGHT TIMES) was me sincerely trying to get him to sleep.
To be continued…

Can you see how much Christian loves his cousin?

Backtrack and update on jetlag status:
1st night – slept 16 hours straight through and woke up at 4 pm.
2nd night – awake 1 am – 7 am. sleep until 9 am.
3rd night – baby stirs fitfully from 1:30 am – 2:30 am. needs to be taken to pee, but never fully wakes.
4th night – baby wakes to pee around 3 am. continues sleeping.

Dare I say, that I think the worst is past? Whew – just thinking about that second night is making my hands shake and boobs ache (baby nurses a lot when he’s jetlagged!)

Christian on a tuk-tuk ride.

The moral of the story is
that there is always a price to pay for a 14-hour time difference, but that jetlag is over before you know it.
Totally worth it (although I might not have said that after night two).

Last day in Bkk - no matter how I dressed Christian, he somehow always matched his cousin.

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