Letter to Christian at 2 years 1 month

Hello Baby,

The last couple of months have been rather momentous for you. In fact I don’t think you noticed your birthday (May 23) being eclipsed by the birth of your cousin Leela (May 21) at all. In fact, after the requisite chocolate birthday cake and candle blowing (your dad was present cybernetically through skype and a laptop on the dining table), you danced around the bedroom singing, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME! Next year, I promise, the birthday crown and birthday banner will be finished.

Two is a big time. Your language has taken extraordinary leaps and bounds. When we first arrived in Thailand two months ago, your uncle Joss was taken by the way you liked to point and say, “Ova der” for “over there,” but now – well you like to give LOTS MORE DETAIL. And you’ve even discovered pronouns, “No, Mama, YOU do it” and “I like it, Mama. I like it a lot!”

You also started saying, “I DON’T like it” and for that, I cold turkey stopped reading Go, Dog, Go, a book I’ve always enjoyed, because it seemed to really trigger that “don’t like” concept for you. But the biggest development is that you aren’t just repeating phrases anymore, but making things up as you go along in conversation. Unfortunately, you get shy around others and get quiet, but luckily for me as your Mama, I hear you making sense of your world all day long and singing songs and rhymes from start to finish. You are incredibly adorable.

The farmer says that there will be cherries at Guldseth Farms for another two weeks. Bumper crop this year.

Another big development: NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

On the way to Thailand, I had you in diapers, but we had only one miss the entire way there (24+ hours door-to-door), so when we got there I put you in a pair of training pants (Hannah Andersson makes a nice organic cotton one in extra-small). I didn’t put another diaper on you for the rest of the trip. We had accidents (only one missed poop – and that was the first morning after eating the poop-inducing dragon fruit), but all in all, I’m impressed with how capable you are with communicating your elimination needs to me.

You were also a champion traveler. And a good playmate for your cousin Noi naa. You were thrilled by every adventure down the street, which make you fun to be around.

Helping Ganma and Gampy pick cherries.

The adventuring hasn’t slowed down since we’ve been home: we’ve already been cherry picking, to the beach a half-dozen times, to the seals in La Jolla, and more. This is going to be a fun summer.

Besides the outings, you’re having fun just being at home: your Grampy built you a wooden play kitchen where you’ve been making me soup and tea every day; and we came home from Thailand laden with wooden Plan Toys: a parking garage, construction vehicles, a fire house with fire engines. You’re entering imaginative play with gusto, and that’s a special delight for me.

I love you, Baby. Let’s play!


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