Home, Safe but Sick

Dad's plans for raising a bass player seem to be going well. Obsession with stringed instruments - check.

I saw my friend Sierra yesterday who’s been staying in a hotel for the last couple days (after a terrific vacation) because their house is getting sprayed.
I said, “Looks like you had a great vacation!”
She replied, “Except, since we’re in still in a hotel, so this still feels like part of the vacation, and this part is not so good.”
My sentiments exactly.
Christian and I are home from Korea.
But the morning we left my little niece Leela was admitted to the hospital for a touch of pneumonia and bronchitis, not to mention some blocked air sacs in each of her tiny 3-month old lungs. The hospital visit was sudden and last minute, and since it resulted in the baby being hospitalized, in the end I never even got to say good-bye to Sue or Leela.

The baby’s better now and will be likely be released this weekend.
Unfortunately, her on-again-off-again fever and coughing our last week in Korea colored our visit with a more than a little bit of worry.
And now, we’re home, but it feels irrelevant to post about the art I saw, when I’ve been worried about Leela. That and the fact that Christian’s been ill too.

Several nights before we left Seoul, Christian ran a fever of about 100 degrees. He was mostly better during the day and the morning we left, the fever was gone, although he was still on the fragile side. But then as we waited for the bus to take us to the airport he started to develop a rash on his face. During the flight they spread all over his body, but had already subsided when we landed.

I hoped that was the worst of it.

Now the rash is gone, but Christian’s woken with a hacking cough. The poor dude is sleeping now, but it doesn’t look like much a 40th birthday celebration for his dad tomorrow – just a weak smile and a feverish hug.

Like I said, this vacation has had a ragged ending. Doesn’t feel over yet either.

P.S. Pic above was from yesterday – Chad’s bro just passed us one of his electric guitars, and we’re getting Chad an acoustic for his birthday.

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