Downtime is moving!!
This does not affect the web address in anyway, and the site will probably look exactly the same –
the web address will likely be down for 24-48 hours. And I will be sweating bullets trying to follow hopefully explicit instructions from the dreamhost support guy’s email.

THIS wordpress site ( will still be here, unchanged. Unless, I need to take a break
or procrastinate
and decide to throw together another post.

Christian as Yoda with neighbors Riley and Rorey, who are ghosts.

This move to my own hosted space at dreamhost, is kinda like moving from a rental to my own house; I’ll be able to make changes, add wigits, and play around with however I like. I will be using the free wordpress platform though, so the look and feel of womantalk should remain the same.

STEEP learning curve here. I feel jittery and nervous.

I own the domain name, and just have been directing it to this wordpress blog.
In order to host it somewhere else, I had to download an FTP program – but now I don’t know if I need it.
I’ve been paying for the space SINCE JUST BEFORE CHRISTIAN WAS BORN.
Sad, really – but now here are the instructions I’m am going to follow to transfer my wordpress blog to
“Hi Jeannie!

Here are the instructions that you’ll need.

1. Go into your current WordPress dashboard and and get a backup of your
data. It should be given to you an an XML file.

2. Change your DNS name servers to DreamHost’s! Login to your management
area at Network Solutions. If you’re unsure of how to change your DNS
name servers, please contact their support and request them to do it for

The name servers need to be set to:

Alternatively, Network Solutions has a guide here on how to do that. Go
Google! 🙂

3. After this, it may take a few hours, but your domain will resolve to
DreamHost now. You will see a WordPress installer page when this has

4. You will want to proceed with the setup (it’ll ask you things like
blog name, email address, password, etc). After you’ve set that up and
can login to the dashboard, you will want to import the XML file.

5. Lastly, setup your desired theme and plugins!”

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