Martinmas Songs

We’ll be singing these songs in a lantern procession after a soup and bread potluck dinner and the puppet show.

Both are from Sing Through Seasons (compiled and edited by the Society of Brothers)

Down with Darkness by E. Amiran

Down with darkness, up with light;

Up with sunshine, down with night.

Each of us is one small light,

But together we shine bright.

Go away, darkest, blackest night,

Go away, give way to light!

With a Lantern in the Hand by Eberhard Arnold (lyrics) and Marianne Zimmermann (music)

With a lantern in the hand,

Joyfully go through the land.

One to the right,

One to the left;

We must show to all the light!

Throughout the land!

As one band!

Light —- in hand!

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