Appreciation at 42

I sometimes complain about feeling old at the ripe age of 42, but a quote from a Nora Ephron interview (she wrote When Harry met Sally), gave me pause.

She’s 69 years old and has just written another book about aging called I Remember Nothing. (I’m starting to relate…)

She says:

“The worst part of aging is illness. What you hate when you’re 50 – wrinkles and flab – seem so inconsequential compared to this lottery of who gets sick and who doesn’t. The second worst part is all the things you can’t do. And everything you think you can still do, you end up in the hospital…”

Okay, I’m done complaining about my skin. I am in excellent health and I can still do everything I want: playing chase with kids, camping for Thanksgiving, and swimming in cold oceans. Being in my forties is just fine.

And my husband is officially on vacation today UNTIL JANUARY 6, 2011!

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