Letter to Christian at 2 Years 11 Months

Enjoying the sunset with Ganma.

Dear Christian,

Well, nobody really thought we were going to get out of the two’s without some struggle did they? So a few things get broken, shirts get stained, and mama’s label-maker gets thrown off the porch – yup, you’ve definitely discovered your will and the power of NO. In fact, talking to you about something (as much as you love to talk) doesn’t really get us anywhere these days, except a quick trip to the LAND OF OPPOSITION, so your dad and I are really polishing up on alternative ways of introducing transitions to you (i.e., naked to dressed, barefoot to shod, muddy to clean…)

Oops, I hear you waking. We’ll run down to the dog park with our neighbor’s dog and get back here tonight.

Enjoy the short vid below. Note that moments after this frolicking scene was filmed, the boys took turns sitting in the water, leaning back slowly and dunking their heads – which of course eventually led to full-body-soaks. It makes me laugh out loud when we hike with your dad and he imagines that we are going to keep you dry and mud-free…

You have burst up in height – so that even though you’re not huge for your age – you’re suddenly as tall as your “tall” friends and all your pants are high-waters.

Your fascination with swords and guns has not, sigh, diminished in the least. You love nothing more than to sword play with your friend and neighbor Riley, whom you currently adore. He’s a year older than you and can handle your present moody bossiness, or should I say, he can out-moody and out-bossy you any day. That’s what’s called for right now, because your contrariness leads to shouting matches with even the kids you normally love (Yes I did! No you didn’t! YES I DID! – Do you even know what you’re arguing about anymore?)

Earthroots homeschool field class- that welcome five solid hours in wilderness every Wednesday – is still our anchor midweek.

You love love love to talk and your understanding grows in spurts. After you saw me shaving in the shower the other day, I heard you earnestly explaining to your dad that you were going to have hair on your chest when you were a “big guy.”

Right now your favorite toys are the Ben Ten characters that you and your dad have amassed from many trips to gas stations and Asian grocery stores
in east LA, Koreatown, and Orange County. Seriously, I suspect that your dad is having even more fun than you hunting down and collecting all the gumball machine characters; although I know he broke down last week and ordered a complete set off amazon! I often hear you and your dad in the other room, belly-laying and naming all the guys:
Dad: Who’s this guy?
You: Deep Freeze! Gray Matter! Chromostom! Ben Ten himself!
Pretty cute, even though I have to overlook the general creepiness and complete un-Waldorf-ishness of the little plastic figurines.

I’m moving into birthday preparations for your big Three next month. Still haven’t figured out yet what will go down, but we’ll do something FUN. As for a gift… a crocheted chain maille hood? a chain maille sweater? a felt horse and knight? You, I know, have determined that I will get you a pirate sword and pirate eye thingie.

I love you, Baby.



P.S. On Earth Day when I went into Starbuck’s to get my free coffee in a refillable coffee mug:

Me: Okay, we’re going into Starbuck’s for coffee, buddy.

Christian: But you had coffee today, Mama. One at already Trader Joe’s! (note: it was a sample) Are you having TWO COFFEES today, Mama? What the heck?!

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