I’ll take that Instagrammed, please

What picture doesn’t benefit from a rosy filter? Or as the Instagram website promises, Make your pictures look like the memory you cherish!

Instagram is a free iphone app that I played with yesterday while housebound with a mildly feverish little boy (he’s better today, thanks).

I am hooked.

My first insta-experiment with Christian's alien lego.

I'm compelled to go through old photos and set new filters.

This picture series cracked me up, because it looked like Christian was taking the photos of himself and Leela. I think they were actually taken from my brother lying in the grass in Bar Harbor. But I'm not sure. All kinds of docs and pics with questionable provenance on my phone and computer when I got home from vacation.

This photo is from Sue and Joss' camera. Would be a sweet profile pic if Leela had a facebook account...

Another one from Sue and Joss' camera. Exuberant play at the U.S.S. Midway. And yes, that's a bomb behind her.

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