Gone to Not-Back-to-School Camp

whoops. Trying to post from an iPhone is hard. I’m in Eugene. Staff orientation starts tomorrow. Met 4 staffers and 1 camper today. This is going to be fun.
No Internet or cell reception until I get back sept7.
Today at the park Christian and I stumbled upon several dozen clowns.
Doing clown things.
Turned out they were a running club with a drinking problem.
A hash run.
I wrote about it before. Search for it on my blog if you need an explanation.
Then the guy on the bike said,” I guess that’s one way to kill time. Me, I’m going home to SMOKE hash.”
That’s when I could tell I was really in Eugene.
That, and that we ate at a place called the laughing planet and there was a plastic dinosaur on every table. Christian loved it.

P.S. My post about a has run in Thailand here.

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