Art Day in Culver City

When I first entered Chuck Close's show, I was irritated by his never-ending pointillism portraits.

I was finding his colors brash and ugly.

But then I took off my glasses and spent some time with them.

Then, I had to admit that Chuck is a fabulous colorist and incredibly PERSISTENT.

We had delicious mole negro at the "Oaxaca Restaurant." That building in front is nothing more than a dressed-up carport on the sidewalk.

We climbed into Mie Olise's installation and watched the ocean by sailboat.

I was most struck by Brenna Youngblood's work that day and wrote about it.

This was Christian's favorite work of the day - a gun mandela in tile. He says he wants two of the small ones in water guns.

Also loved Jen Pack's chiffon "light boxes." Holy sari-quilted craziness.

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