DG Sign

Bella is a sorority girl. It is a little surprising, but she has always loved being parts of groups of people. When she was younger, I swear she only did soccer and swim team for the camaraderie.

And a sorority is the ultimate exclusive group. You have to be interviewed every day for a week and measured up against the 900 other girls queueing up to join the club.

Actually, Bella estimated that if there were 4000 incoming freshmen, that half were girls; then, approximately half of the incoming freshmen girls were rushing a sorority in their first quarter. Luckily there are a dozen Pan Hellenic sororities (that is, officially recognized) and others, and each is taking on up to 50 girls.

Bella felt that there were 3-4 top sororities. And there were two she wanted to be part of. She got into one of those two, the other was Ki O (sp???)

Bella is now a Delta Gamma and she taught Christian the DG sign. It’s some kind of riff off a cute sailor (the DG symbol is and anchor). She had to study the manual and take a test too.

She wants to know what’s up with little kids having such short arms. Christian could only manage this pose for a second or two at a time. but he was very happy to join in for a photo shoot into Bella’s computer. First, Bella requested for him to put on a cute shirt. Christian chose this collared plaid one, put it on, ran to Bella, and striking a pose with arms spread said, “Is this cute?” He calls this shirt his “vacation” shirt, by which I think he means that it’s his “Hawaiian” shirt, which kinda means the same thing I guess.

It’s interesting to me that a sorority is so explicitly about friendship and support. These girls are being taught, and practicing models of maintaining relationships with themselves and with the world. There is a big emphasis on charity work and also on group participation.

Interesting too, that the interview process wasn’t about picking simply the “best” girls, but the girls who best fit the house. Rush was a week long with a solid five hours of interviewing a day. At the end of each day, you prioritized your top sororities from 1-12, and each day you dropped a few from your list. The next day a smaller group of sororities called you back. At the end of the week girls submitted their top two choices, and only one sorority called you back. Bella said there were a lot of upset girls: girls whose personal picks did not match the sororities that called back.

In any case, it’s what she wants for now. For my part, I’m glad to hear that Mondays are soup night at the house, and there is sometimes matzoh ball soup served.

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