Christian with his New Friend

We spent today in downtown LA walking all over the place. The one gallery I wanted to see was far away, and we had to give skid row a wide berth, which added several blocks.

Christian played out back and apparently made friends with this painted woman at Cirrus Gallery.

Then we (Reanna, Christian, Chad and myself) headed into the garment district to meet Corrina and delightfully browse shop after shop of fabrics and notions. Well, Chad took one look at the crowded hustle and bustle of the garment district and headed up to LA library with Christian, hunting for good fountains along the way.

We looked at upholstery fabrics, cheap remains, fabric by the pound, lovely soft sheer linens, underwear elastic, and many other things I did not recognize, until our feet ached. Reanna did most of the spending, but I did buy a bag of pomegranate pips and another of watermelon spears from a street vendor for refreshment. Although next time, I will choose a fresh coconut instead (drink the milk and then have the flesh with salt and hot sauce – baja-style).

I will go back soon. And hope to hit the neighboring flower district too.

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