book club closet

This may be the month, the actual month that I come out of the book club closet. This will be the fourth month I have read the book club selection without having met any of the book club’s members, although I swear it has been random coincidence that I have been out of town each meeting.

The new book is Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. There’s all kinds of high praise for this book, including this by Frank McCourt:

“…there are passages so wondrous and wise you’ll want to claw yourself with pleasure.”

There’s a word for that in Filipino; it sounds like geegle. It refers to that feeling when a baby is so adorable you just want to pinch its little cheek.

And I have also decided that if I ever become a bone fide member of this book club, and have the opportunity to choose a book (that I have never read), I will choose Emily Barton’s Brookland, because Laura says so. Laura and I wrote and read together between 3rd and 7th grade. Yes, we literally read together; we even had reading contests during the summer. And we wrote story after story… Never were a more bookwormish pair to be found. We are everbound by being diagnosed for near-sightedness at the same time in Mrs.Walton’s third grade class.

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