Summer Visit, Instagrammed

My sister was here for ten days with my two nieces, and I feel pretty sure that it was the highlight of my summer. With a highlight like that, I need the rest of the summer to recover anyway. Our three combined kids were high-energy go-go-go, and it always seemed best to get out of the house as soon as possible each morning.

We got to spend time at Dinosaur Park (did you know that that there is a box of excavated dirt in the community center that you can sift through and find real, live fossils?);

swimming every day either in our little community pool or the big one at Rancho Niguel;

playing at Strands Beach (parking there is free);

surfing (with gentle instruction by Eric) at San Onofre State Beach – talk to me if you are interested, because we’re going to do a couple more surfing days this summer;

attending two days of forest kindergarten at O’Neill Regional Park and Aliso Creek;

exploring at Pretend City (Sue got me and C an annual pass for a belated b-day gift. whipee!):

and eating lots of Mexican food on the go (Golodrinas, homemade nachos, chips and salsa…)

There was no room for Disneyland (whew) or even Trabuco Creek (a bit hot anyway). We had fun and I miss my sweet nieces. They were really fun to have around. Must start saving for a 2013 or 2014 month-long trip to Melbourne!


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